Owner JopieH
Status offline
IP jppvpmc.uk.to
Website https://jppvpmc.enjin.com/
Players 0/0
Version 1.15
Rank 96
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Uptime -100%
Last Check 19 minute(s) ago
Country Netherlands
Types MCMMOKitPvPFactionsEconomy

Hello members of this website!

I have a minecraft server i want to share with you guys!


We offer some stuff that you might like!
1, Lobby
Our lobby has a spawn that consists of mostly waterbased stuff. so you can swim!

This lobby is one we spent alot of time on.

2, KitPvp

This is a pvp style server with economy injected into it.

Also a map that we spent more time building to make it be closer to perfect.

Good anticheat to defeat those nasty cheaters! Like seriously, who wants cheaters?

Good knockback to get lots of combos while pvping.

3, Factions

Factions Is Finally Online 7-6-2020!

Some rules:

- Staff is always watching,
- DO NOT hack since it is prohibited on our server.
- if you WILL be seen hacking, we have the rights to ask you to screenshare or other things.
- and an attempt of crashing the server will result in a permanent ban.


join us at: Jppvpmc.uk.to:27334

Enjin: https://jppvpmc.enjin.com/

Discord/appeal: https://discord.gg/yrg2Q59