Crystal Skies
Owner crystalskies
Status online
IP play.crystalskies.org
Website http://bit.ly/crystaldiscord
Players 0/50
Version 1.15
Rank 53
Votes 1
Uptime 87.8%
Last Check 42 second(s) ago
Country United Kingdom
Types SurvivalEconomyMCMMOParkourPvE

Crystal Skies is a 1.15.2 survival server with a friendly community and friendly staff.

We have a number of extra features to help enhance your Minecraft experience and keep you entertained, such as...
- The 'Crystal Portal', where you can earn money and cool rewards such as companions!
- A head crate you can use to get cool decorational heads for your builds!
- Ranks you can rank up through with in-game money or your builds to earn more commands!
- Hidden secrets in spawn that give you super special rewards!
- Land claims, so you don't have to worry about someone building too close!
- Special monthly events such as UHCs, our custom gamemode "The Hunt" and build challenges!
- Rent out your own shop in spawn to sell and buy items from other players!
- Lots of ways to earn money to rank up or buy things for yourself!
- Custom achievements, with lots of rewards giving you more to do!
- Silk touch spawners!
- Guardians Vs Shadows minigame - fight to show that your team is the best!
- Extra bosses with cool rewards!
- Resource world - never run out of resources again!
- McMMO!
...and much more!

Our server rules:
- No hacking or unauthorised mods.
- Be respectful.
- No griefing.
- No stealing.
- No x-raying.
- Do not exploit glitches.
- No spamming or advertising.
- Don't ask staff for items, op, ranks or gamemode.
- Do not pretend to be someone else.
- Do not ruin the scenery with explosives.